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4 definitions by Tuade

Nigerian word referring to England and london.
" I'm on vacation in jand(england)"

"I'm schooling in Jand"
by Tuade October 25, 2007
a nigerian word describing the ultimate male, who has had his fair share of females and conquered them all.Derived from the word koko.
"I am the original kokomaster"

"The kokomaster has numerous kokolettes"
by Tuade September 17, 2007
a nigerian word derived from the word koko and referering to a female sexual partner
"Kokolette in my room..me and you"---D'banj

by Tuade September 17, 2007
a nigerian slang used to denote anything, anyone and any event.
Daddyless Tout: My guy how was that party?
Razzer Guy: That stuvvs was whack!

Big Babe:Do you like my dress?
Lesser Babe: Its the stuvvs!!
by Tuade September 17, 2007