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Taken from the movie "Y Tu Mama Tambien," it is meant to mean 'space cowboy,' or 'astral cowboy.' Charolastra is taken from the spanish words, 'charro,' and 'astral.'

"It's kind of like an astral cowboy."

In the film, the characters say that it was really created from misinterpreted lyrics of a rock song. And the way they sing it, it seems as if the word, 'charolastra,' comes from The Clash's lyrics: "Should I stay, or should I go?" These lyrics were misinterpreted as: "Charolastra, charolo0oo. Charolastra, charoloooo."
?Que pasa charolastra?

?Como estas charolastra?
by Tu Paisano March 23, 2009

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