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A SAMPLE hoe is a just a HOE who any guy like your brother, your father or just a any dude who samples off of you . A hoe who isn't worthy of anything else but just a SAMPLE, a taste but nothing more. A sample that just gets passed on and on but never gets taking serious and sits on a shelve for another person to come by and sample off of because you just a HOE and nothing more.
Your a sample hoe respect yourself or no one will!
by Tu mama January 12, 2014
Something or someone that it's supposed to form part of a group and to be known but it isn't. Something unknown or ignored by many. A John Doe. Comes from Ghost; not seen
Queen's - That's a fuckin' ghostie school.
I didn't see playing a lot, you where ghosting' around- you where John Doieng' a fuckin' lot.
by Tu Mama November 29, 2003

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