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1. Noun: The best game of 2005 where you play as Razputin (But everyone calls him....Raz.) who is a young boy who ran away from his home in the circus to Whisper Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Raz has to use only his mental powers to find out and stop a horible plot that involves stealing brains and using them in a death tank to SHOOT DOWN INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

2. Noun: A person who is one of the Elite Force of the Psychonauts.
1. "Dude, have you played Psychonauts yet? It's like...The best platformer EVER."
"What sytem is it on?"
"PS2 and X-box."

2. "Sasha Nein is one of the three Psychonaut agents that teach in Whispering Rock."
by Tsukijuun August 06, 2005
1. To completely and utterly own or burn someone.
2. To disestablish someone's arguement with a witty comeback on a forum.
3. To kill in a game; to be better at.

Originally a typo of the word own.

Pronunciation: Pown
1. "Hoshiz, did you see how they pwned that jerk?"
2. "Dude, you type like a crack monkey and your generalizations are false; not to mention you suck ass."
3. "Dude, I so pwned you."
by Tsukijuun August 05, 2005

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