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3 definitions by Tsi

1. Blowjob.
2. When running a race, to have the person who started behind you catch up to you, as if "sucking" you into him.
1. I'm tryin' to get sucked up tonight, nigga!
2. Oh shit, BK sucked up dat nigga!
by Tsi July 20, 2005
23 12
When one says or does something so laughably stupid, lame, or weak, implying that they drink bleach and kill themselves.
"Jesus, I lost $55 in poker this weekend."
"I've got some bleach under the sink if you need it."
by Tsi April 19, 2005
8 1
1. When running a race, usually a sprint, to get caught then subsequently passed up by someone who started off behind you. See sucked up.

2. Getting a haircut.
1. Dang, Bobby chopped on dat nigga.
2. Ey CJ, where you get yo dome chopped at?
by Tsi July 20, 2005
4 24