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2 definitions by Tseten the Mad

sheentistically--(From charlie sheen and statistics) The increasing probability that a person is going to lose their job due to risky, stupid, crazy behavior.
Guy to friend: Dude, two hour lunches in a bar, coming in late in the morning, smoking a joint in the company parking lot and all this other shit is going to get you fired, for real. Man, sheentistically speaking, you're no more than a month away from losing your show.
by Tseten the Mad March 08, 2011
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dee-bee-effed (dead best friend)--Having someone refer to a dead best friend or dead friend in an annoying manner or at an inappropriate time.
We were about to get in the shower when he sees me seeing this tattoo on his chest, and he dee-bee-effed me for, like, almost ten minutes about how the ink was for his friend, how great his friend was, how funny his friend was, how cool his friend was....
by Tseten the Mad February 15, 2011
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