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Abusive, error riddled software force-fed to unwilling victims by way of telling persons it is required to perform such action. The "Accept These Terms" button is the default which many may unwillingly agree to, due to it accepting any button to activate. It will usually take so long to load, users smash the keyboard which give it automatic permission to download to your system and infect everything. Just as a reminder, it will infect all of your files, associate itself with all media types, and even run in the background undetectable. Even after program removal, it will reappear and you will scratch your head saying, "Didn't I delete that abusive virus-in-disguise?"
I logged on to AOL, yeah I know that in itself is a dick-move, but it said I needed Realplayer to continue. After the screen froze and I hit the desk in confoundment, the mandatory Accept button was selected and I have forever had the feeling of a giant dick in my asshole.
by Try WinAmp and fuck RapePlayer August 23, 2008

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