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A high school located near Michigan State, full of potheads, groups with names, and fake-ass bitches. Nothing of interest happens except for Lame parties and Calender's, oh and fat girls peeing behind couches. Someone is always claiming to have gotten raped, by a group of guys who have tiny penises (The Fam), or someone is trying to get blown by a freshman. Hookup lists are common. Half the girls wear more makeup than clothes (The 7 aka the 4ht). Girls always have something to bitch about and are frequently sloppy drunk. 99% of the guys come back from lunch smelling like weed. Freshmen are whores, sophomores are whores, Juniors are whores, and the Seniors are whores. It sucks, besides egg wars.
Person 1: Wow, Did you go to that East Lansing Party?
Person 2: No, I heard it was lame as fuck and someone got rapped.

Cutler: Look how small my dick is!
Drew: Mines smaller. Dang We have typical East Lansing High School dick.

Haley: Do I have enough makeup on?
Taylor: Nahhh, you don't look East Lansing high School Hot.
by Truthbeyocthies November 03, 2011

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