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Someone who has no core values or principals, they support Barak Obama no matter what he says or does. They were Anti-war Liberals during the Bush presidency, Now they want to "get" those dirty terrorists. They were pro-bailout, now they want to "get tough" with wall street. it is the lack of a real position on anything because Obama shape shifts on every issue multiple times a year.
Hey look at all those Obamatons in City Year, youth brigades are for stomping your face in with their carbon boot-print.
by TRUTH NOW February 26, 2010
a state inflicted by obama's empty rhetoric.
millions of people were hopenotized by Barak, they have become obamatons.
by TRUTH NOW February 26, 2010
tacky. unfortunate. reminiscent of paying for sex.
that girl from jersey's clothing was whorendous.
by Truth Now January 01, 2011

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