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A nation whose government killed more people than Hitler, built more nuclear weapons than America, oppressed more people in a larger region than any other nation in history, and fell becuase hundreds of millions of people decided they didn't want to live under an illegal government.

Russia now is a tatter of a shread. Their military has less than 400,000. Their ships are afraid to sail beyond their coastlines. Their "government" is more corrupt than any American coroporation. Their money is worthless. Boy, Russia is such a grand place now!

The USSR's military was the most problem-ridden ever to have existed and they would not have won against the United States in a land war.
Don't listen to wannabe scene-loving "punks" about the USSR. Stalin was worse than hitler and the only way it "solved other country's disputes" was by murdering their government officials and rolling in the tanks. Idiots on these boards need to practice what they preach and read into the fact that the Soviet Union was the worst fascist nation ever to exist.
by Truth & Justice April 07, 2006
As bad as the Third Reich. Yeah, they're government beat old Hitler away from his oil fields, but look what we got in place of Nazi oppression - Soviet oppression instead. And almost as bad, too.

The USSR did not allow religion. Fact.

The USSR spent enough on useless space exploration to feed its entire starving population. Fact.

The USSR's military was ill-equipt and at NO point was a military match for NATO's or even the United State's alone if a full-scale war had erupted. Fact.

Why do things dissapear? Becuase they don't work. Fact.

The USSR is gone. Fact.
"he USSR was inefficient, and the government was a bit heavy-handed, but if you think it was evil, or that its collapse was a good thing, you are an idiot, just ask <b> anyone who has actually lived there</b>."

Inefficient? It broke down becuase it couldn't support itself anymore! Heavy-handed is a far cry for the 20 MILLION people their government butchered.

How can that idiot defend them becuase of their rediculous and now nearly defunct space program? Ignorance is bliss.
Ask Russians now about it and they say they want it back becuase their military is being man-handled by a few thousand Muslim terrorists.

Ask those millions who were SELECTIVELY STARVED by the Soviet government and you will get a different story. Oh wait, you can't - they're dead!
by Truth & Justice April 07, 2006

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