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gently place the ball sack on their eye sockets while draping your shaft down the brim of their nose and riding in a back and forth motion
I was gonna give him a roman helmet but took um for a ride in the roman escalade.
by truey December 31, 2008
The pubic hair above the penis is cut into a landing strip and spiked into a mohawk.
I went to go down on him and his penilhawk was poking the shit out of my nose.
by truey January 21, 2009
to be in a predicament in which you become fucked.
I need to meet Paulie at 3 to give him his money and some sob robbed me, I ain't got the cash he's gonna break my knee caps for sure. How am I gonna get outta this prefuckament?
by truey December 31, 2008
your best friend who gets a girlfriend and you never hear from them
Hey have you heard from hex?
Nope, i guess he hexxed my ass again!!
by truey February 14, 2010
One who has major blue balls and thinks repeatedly about molesting anything he can get his hands on (excluding kids you sickos)including goats and himself with desperate attempts at trying the stranger. Other than the sexual starvation, he is a very fun, caring, once in a lifetime 'sappy' nucca who can't see love when it stares him in the face.
I loveeee my bud Hector da Molester even if he eats curry and screws goats.
by truey January 21, 2009
Gently place the dick in her ass and pound away; at your climax make her suck it then screw her vag as you cum in her pussy.
Man, I did my girl last night in every hole my dick was her dip a stick
by truey January 20, 2009
Being overly excited at the point of ejaculation.
1) YO! When dude finally gets laid he's gonna be like spartans!

2) Man it felt so good and I was so happy to be getting laid I screamed out "spartansssss" just as I came.
by Truey January 20, 2009
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