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In my opinion Green Day is the best band in the world.
This is for those people out there who think their entire fan-base consists of teeny boppers and 14 year old girls.
Okay so the truth is; 14 year old girls and teeny boppers are fans of them, yes. But that doesn't mean that every fan that likes their recent songs as well as their older songs is a 14 year old girl or a teeny bopper.
I hate that people think that because I like Green Day that i only like them because Billie Joe is the sexiest guy in the world or whatever.
Well again, the truth is... I LIKE THEM CAUSE THEY MEAN SOMETHING TO ME! They're a great band and all their music i've heard so far is brilliant.
Just because Billie Joe IS in fact the sexiest person alive and i agree with that doesnt mean i like the whole band purely because of that fact.
They are the best live. They interact with their audience so well and YEAH they're on MTV, channel V and all them channels... SO WHAT!! good on em for gettin themselves out there and known!
If you don't like it then turn the bloody thing over!
Annoying Green Day Hater: "OMG i'm so sick of all the 14 year old girls saying 'OMG BILLY JOE IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!' They don't even know any of their old songs. They wouldn't know dookie from a pile of crap!"

True Green Day Fan: "OMG get over it! AND LEARN TO F**KIN SPELL LOSER! it's BILLIE joe. not billY. You hate them so much but you don't even know how to spell their names properly. Get a better excuse to hate them cause quite frankly your excuses suck"

Annoying Green Day Hater: "Stop bein another Effin teeny bopper. What the 9th track on Dookie? Whats it about?"

True Green Day Fan: "Sassafras Roots. It's about a girl wasting her time and they both have nothing to do and he wants to waste his time WITH her. It also talks about them both being waste's."

Annoying Green Day Hater: "Lucky guess. But what's your favourite greenday song? 'BLVD OF BRKN DRMS' i spose?"

True Green Day Fan: "Yeah it's a good song. But i don't have a favourite. They're all great to me. I actually have knowledge of Smoothed Out Happy Hours, Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, International Superhits, Shenanigans AND American Idiot. Also They have an upcoming album and they recorded one of the tracks with U2. Can't wait for it to come out. Then i can rub it in your face that they've still got it. :] "

Annoying Green Day Hater: "Oh yeah, SUUURE you know all those albums. Tell me how long 'road to acceptance' goes for AND what it's about."

True Green Day Fan: "Approximately 3 minutes, 35 seconds. It's about not being yourself just so you'll be accepted by someone else. And those people might not even realise who you are either. Happy?"

Annoying Green Day Hater: "No i'm not. It's not that hard to find this info. I still think you're a TEENY BOPPER cause you like american idiot and 'BLVD OF BRKN DRMS'."

True Green Day Fan: "I'm sick of trying to convince YOU of all people that i actually LIKE GreenDay and all their music. Just because American idiot and Boulevard of broken dreams are more mainstream than some of their other songs it doesn't make them bad."

Annoying Green Day Hater: "Sorry but i'm an arrogant asshole and i think ALL mainstream music should be rid of just because people have heard of it."

True Green Day Fan: *walks away*

Annoying Green Day Hater: *Listen's to his/her super 'cool' non-mainstream lol music that nobody knows because he/she is too 'cool' for anyone to listen to the same music that he/she does.*
by TrueGreendayFan September 23, 2006

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