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Okay,Enough of the "A women who Sleeps with everyone" that's true. But in a way it's wrong,

A Slut is a Women Who has no Self Respect,No Confidence. Alot of The time Sluts,Have things going on at home,Making them not a True Slut.

A True Slut is someone who Does it because they can. That's my opinion.

But Sometimes,Women are hurting. Some cases,They do it to feel Wanted. Some cases,they do it to make the pain of Go away,Like Cutters. They dont Cut themselves Physiclly,but every man they sleep with,It a New Wound Emotionally.

Some Girls think That's the best way to get the pain to leave. Some women do it for good reasons. They Couldnt get a job. They couldnt get a degrees,because there family disowned them. Sometimes they have a kid,and they depend on sex to help there kids have better lives. (if that made any sense)

You dont Know there story. Dont go around calling girls sluts because of what you see them doing. Read between the lines,and Notice there broken smiles. There is so much you can hide behind a smile,and the more you Call them that damn four letter word,The more they die inside.

Next time, Dont call a girl that. Not unless you know and understand there story. Just be a friend to them. that's what they need most of the time. On the outside they may have smiles,but on the inside their dieing.
Lacey was sexually abused her whole life,becing to scared to tell anyone she became a untrue Slut. Sleeping with many guys,Coming home at anytime of the night,Trying to ease her pain.
by TrueBeautyIsMe September 05, 2011

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