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Operation Distraction: The act of harmless promiscuous plays created by & played by the sexy lady team members of a coed sport.
Team TLD was ready to score big so they kicked operation distraction into high gear. The sexy TLD ladies in the field showed off ultra high kicks and super sexy bend over and touch your toes stretches while the others whispered sweet nothings to the rival team members.
by True Life Detroit October 07, 2010
1. To refuse to take notice of and/or respond to social correspondence including emails, text messages, etc.

2. To reject (non urgent questions), as on the grounds of your time.
If we continue to play merrill it with these emails, questions will remain unanswered and we will never set a date for this party.
by True Life Detroit July 14, 2011
Oh my Derby!

Used in conversations to describe a situation that reminds you of the Kentucky Derby.
OMD! That chick's so drunk she's riding mud like a slip in slide!
by True Life Detroit May 14, 2010

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