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Rap is basically the alter-ego of the music side of hip hop. In most rap songs, 5 themes often exist:
1. Drugs
2. Cash
3. Girls/Sex
4. Guns
5. Where they're from/Who they representing

& if either of these aren't the main theme of a song, then it's often about their past experience or a past experience of another (yet it will somehow involve one, all, or a combination of the 5 themes above).
In addition, in order for a rap song to be successful, the rapper must process a hot beat, a catchy hook, & maybe an hot line or two (or bar or two). Because if all of that was taken & the rapper would just rap his new verse acapella wise, the track would either be OK/Tight/decent/average or below. Because the lyricism out of most rappers range from OK/Tight/decent/average to "that shit is garbage." However, there are acceptions to this as a small amount of rappers do process above average lyrics:
1. Lil Wayne
2. Ludacris
3. Jadakiss
4. Styles P

Despite all of that, rappers process that hip-hop aritsts are currently losing....profit, fame, fortune, & publicity. Due to their catchy hooks, & the fact that their released singles processes hot beats, the general public will listen & enjoy rapper's work. In fact, the majority of the general public (most of the time YOU WHO ARE CURRENTLY READING THIS) will favored rappers over hip hop artists when it comes to who you listen to more & who is the best out right now & popularity. Unlike hip hop fans, the fans of rap & the public who are not in tune with rap or hip hop music process minds that are NOT lyrically set (in other words if you are a rap fan or are not a rap nor a hip hop fan, then YOU DO NOT PROCESS A LYRICALLY MIND...MEANING YOU CAN'T DETECT WHAT'S HOT WHEN IT COMES TO THE LYRICS!!!) This statement especially described elementary kids, middle school kids, & most high school kids as they are simple minded & can't tell the hot lyrics from the shitty lyrics.

However, a positive side for rappers (as a whole) is that they make more money then most hip hop artists (as a whole) right now.
Example of rappers:
1. 50 Cent
2. Young Buck
3. Tony Yayo
4. TI
5. Da Franchise Boyz
6. 36 Mafia
7. Lil Flip
8. Lil Scrappy
9. Lil John & tha Eastside Boyz
10. MOP
11. Chingy
12. Cassidy
13. Fat Joe
14. Game
15. Dipset
16. Snoop Dogg
by Tru Inferno March 05, 2006

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