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Definition #1: A humiliating act that usually happens in a fist fight with bad blood behind it. When someone falls and the other fighter jump on them placing their knees on there shoulders so they cant hit back. They hit them with their fists or an object repeatedly while asking someone a question.When they answer usually the other man will get off.

Definition 2:While playing a game like mortal combat were you repeatedly combo them so they cant get up, or if they do they cant fight back.You combo repeatedly while asking them a question.
Troy: *punch* "Whats my name!?"
*punch* "Say it!"
*punch* "Whats my name!?"
Billy: Troy! you name is Troy!
Troy: *Punch* "No its daddy now say it!"
*Punch* "Say it!"
*punch* "Whats my name!?"
Billy: "Daddy!"

*2 days later*

John: Damn, dude did you hear the caining Billy got by Troy?
Will: Yea, man he got totally cained so bad messed his face up permanently

by TroyK88 January 02, 2007

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