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2 definitions by TroyJinkins

Usually meant for rednecks who drive piece of shit cars.
EXAMPLE 1:Hey guys, did you see that Mitchem?
The one in the woods?
Yeah, the one with a possum in his ass!

Is that a fucking El Camino?
Yeah, Mitchem was driving it.
What a piece of shit.

by TroyJinkins December 09, 2006
A homosexual whos life is all about running.
Steve Prefontaine.
A guy who can't get any pussy because he won't listen to anyone;Because he has long hair.
Dude, look at that Starr.
Is that his girlfriend?
Nope, that's his mom.
Why are they holding hands?
It's the only pussy he can get.
by TroyJinkins December 09, 2006