4 definitions by Troy16

To bullshit someone. Pull thier leg. Being sarcasticly serious.
Joe: I smashed box with a 300 pound wildabeast yesterday.

Jordan: Are you horsing me right now? A 300 pounder?
by Troy16 February 12, 2008
A shitty Vehicle. A junky ride.
Look at that beast whip, it has no doors or windsheild
by Troy16 February 11, 2008
UnDeveloped Snatch. Common with the teenage females, whose vagina lips have not fully developed. The opposite of roast beef.
I hooked up with this 17 year old last night and she had a UDS. It was like her vagina never fully developed to suit her age.
by Troy16 February 11, 2008
To have sex with a female. When your with male freinds and a good looking woman walks by, without her over hearing and becoming upset, someone might ask, "Would you pam?" Meaning would you take her home to do the wild thing.
Check that girl out, I'd pam, would you?
by Troy16 February 11, 2008

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