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To have facial hair that makes your face look like female genitalia. Poorly manicured goatee.
Phil has a vag face.
Hey vag face trim your vag.
Phil is a vag face all-star.
You have a vag face goat.
by Troy Baker September 25, 2007
Utter undescribeable and immense horror.

Something so messed up no words can describe.

A complete anihilation.

Watching someone, something, or team get owned.
Guy 1: Patriots are killing the Bills. Guy 2: The Harra

Did you see that explosion, The Harra!

OMG did you see Phil's Vag face? That's no goat. That's The Harra. A big head and a whole lot of Harra.

What happened? It was an accident. It was, The Harra.
by Troy Baker September 26, 2007
Phil aka Bling's vagina looking grill. Most mistake it and want to insert a finger.
Phil is a vag face all-star.
by Troy Baker September 22, 2007

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