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3 definitions by Troy Baker

To have facial hair that makes your face look like female genitalia. Poorly manicured goatee.
Phil has a vag face.
Hey vag face trim your vag.
Phil is a vag face all-star.
You have a vag face goat.
by Troy Baker September 25, 2007
9 5
Utter undescribeable and immense horror.

Something so messed up no words can describe.

A complete anihilation.

Watching someone, something, or team get owned.
Guy 1: Patriots are killing the Bills. Guy 2: The Harra

Did you see that explosion, The Harra!

OMG did you see Phil's Vag face? That's no goat. That's The Harra. A big head and a whole lot of Harra.

What happened? It was an accident. It was, The Harra.
by Troy Baker September 26, 2007
3 2
Phil aka Bling's vagina looking grill. Most mistake it and want to insert a finger.
Phil is a vag face all-star.
by Troy Baker September 22, 2007
0 9