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combination of man and slut
Ryan is such a malut
by Troy February 19, 2003
a girl lies on a bed, tied up and blind-folded. the dude tells her he is going to pour warm water on her naked body and instead he pisses all over her.
that stupid bitch, she fell for the ol' kansas city shower and now she smells like piss
by troy October 29, 2003
A term used to describe a certain kind of sex.
Man !, That boy Alex Sure knows how to beat cakes, i was walking strange all week.
by Troy May 03, 2003
"were out of ber(drinks)....
Troy- Ber?
(Brian and jack put their fingers in the air)
Troy (returning from garage run)-"wereouttaber!!!!!"
(I think brian thought this one up)
by Troy April 30, 2004
the mode of a man who reaches fits of rage when his girlfriend even speaks to another male or even mentions another male. this mode often involves asking about every unfamiliar phone number on his girlfriend's cell, checking her email without her consent, following her when she goes out for the night, and will make sure that he knows where she is and who she is with at all times. thi mode is a nightmare for his girlfriend's friends as they will tell her to break up with him constantly
he's in CBM again and he won't quit calling.
by troy October 31, 2003
combination of Hate and Gatorade.
Drinkin down tha haterade
by Troy February 19, 2003
1)aka: monkeys from space
2)winless in the bourbon bowl
3)winless period
4)dress funny when playing beer pong
5)team captain will never beat Troy
1/2 of the space monkeys had Troy beaten 6 cups to none, but Troy made the redemption and came back to win the game.
by Troy March 24, 2005
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