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Used as a disparaging term for an obese individual, or as a humorous nickname given to someone with little or no body fat.
Stop blocking traffic, Fatty McFat Fat!
by Troy February 05, 2003
Organisms who will be responcible for global destruction.
humans = kill hungry
by Troy December 06, 2003
When getting a blowjob you push the girls head down so hard when you cum that both blood and cum shoot out her nose.... creating a red cum dragon
She was pretty pissed when I gave her a Red Cum Dragon
by Troy April 23, 2003
an urban jungle dweller. lays around all day, while instead of lounging and eating plant matter they smoke crack and smack around their baby's mama.
by troy October 29, 2003
To add genius to something which currently contains little or no credibility.
Robot, Feynmanize!
by Troy February 04, 2003
a term used in reference to the cincinnati bengals. a battle cry of sorts often used by fans at paul brown stadium. also a cincinnati beer produced when the bengals are good, so that means there hasn't been a great deal of "who-dey" beer brewed lately
who-dey think gonna beat them bengals... nobody!
by troy November 03, 2003
Nickname of someone who always wants to be better at games than you are.
You have been defeated by: Rujensan.
by Troy November 11, 2004
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