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Someone who posts on a trolls post claiming they are a troll. Not realizing that they are trolling themselves.
Troll patroler 1 "Yo your a fucking troll dude"
Troll 1 "Fuck you dont troll my post you god damn troll patroller"

Also see Troll orgy
#troll #troll patrol #troll orgy #forum troll #troll master
by Troll Stopper September 06, 2011
When somehow you collapse upon yourself while in debate with a troll. Not realizing you have been trolled until you have fallen victim.
Troll alternate account "okay guys the state of california is actually going to outlaw obesity, we must stand and fight!!"

You "That could never happen, its a violation of our civil rights and what it means to be an american!"

Troll "Whos to say whats american you god damn liberal!"

You "Im not a liberal asshole. I dont even vote or really care!"

Troll "lol"

You "oh fuck me! Troll black hole"
#troll #troll black hole #troll patroler #troll orgy #trolling
by Troll Stopper September 20, 2011
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