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An online drawing website were you can interact with other people. Choose from several programs to draw with. Other users can leave comments on the picture you drew. Can be used with a mouse or a tablet.
I was up all night drawing my 1337 picture on the oekaki

Oh man, my uber gay computer was lagging while I was trying to finish my oekaki, whilst drawing with my tablet
by Troggy January 26, 2005
A crying face. Better than :(
The ' ; ' acts as the eye and a tear, and the ' o ' is the mouth
Aww man! ;o;

;o; that was mean!
by Troggy January 26, 2005
from 'Whats happening? '
Yo home G, wats good, dogg?
by Troggy January 26, 2005
Group X sings about these said oreo crackers. Comes from Oreo cookies, probably so they wouldnt get sued.
''Put down the oreo crackers and quit doing the saix''

Man I'm hungry. I think I'll have some oreo crackers
by Troggy January 26, 2005
To smooch a cock. Means Cock Smooch
Man, I sure want to smooch his cack

I could go for a good cack smoochin' right now
by Troggy January 26, 2005
Mother fucker and bitch. Mother baitch.
Omgz, shes such a mother baitch

Mother baitch, dont talk to me like that!
by Troggy January 26, 2005
when two (or more) dudes are masturbating or having sex together and cum at the same time, causing a bridge of cum
"Last night Paul and I made a rainbow bridge together in that circle jerk"
by troggy March 05, 2007

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