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The greatest counter-strike: Condition Zero server, this server is the most awesome. remember kids, DONT BE GAAY!!!!
Trogdor O' Riley: dude, im gonna go play in TnUG

Trenner: yea buddy, im commin, fluffy giggle snuble rublins!

Iruka: dont be gaaaaay
by Trogdor O' Riley February 25, 2005
An amazing book and movie, this movie is really sweet, really really sweet!

and the book is even better!, if you ave seen the movie, you better have read the book

see 1337
see awesome
see godlike
dude 1: dude, i just watched clockwork orange, and i threw up on my shoes!

dude 1: haha nice man, im reading the book!
by Trogdor O' Riley February 25, 2005
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