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1 definition by TrixR4KidsYouTard

Well, what can you say about Alec? Not much, but still quite a lot... Alec is a TOTAL pervert, but still fun to flirt with ;) Usually, Alecs are generally good friends with Westons (who are also total perverts) and don't know when to SHUT UP sometimes. But Alecs are amazingly adorable (you could say cute, but I say HOT) and tall and kinda strange. Usually, their 7th grade pictures look like he's a Hawaiian tourist... He's a good guy, just doesn't know how to show it the right way just yet. He will someday, hopefully. And, he's DEFINATELY changed since 6th and 7th grade, so don't judge him from those yearbook pictures!!!
Me: Alec, you PERV!
Alec: hahaha yeah...
Me: Oh well!
Alec: Yeah...
by TrixR4KidsYouTard February 04, 2009