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2 definitions by Trivial Pursuer

It's when after someone takes a shower, they stop the drain and leave a little water left in the tub. Then they ejaculate in the small pool and leave the "jellyfish" there for the next person/roommate to discover.
you live in an apartment, dorm, or house - where a bathroom is shared. the Jellyfish is at the next level of disgusting pranks!
by Trivial Pursuer December 20, 2010
eating out a girl who is taking a dump and happens to be on the rag, then she takes a piss on you. a goldschlager is essentially a manhatten clamkin with a golden shower thrown in to boot.
you go down on a women who's ragging, while she's pooping, and then she pees in your face. the goldschlager is a variety of clamkin. also known as the "clamkin deluxe".
by Trivial Pursuer December 20, 2010