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When you go to the toilet expecting to have a gigantic poo, but it ends being either a completely insignificant one, or merely a sequence of loud farts; a disappointing number two.
Dammit, I went for an epic number two, but it was just a disappointurd. Maybe next time...
#poo #toilet #number two #disappointment #fart
by Triumpharter May 09, 2011
A fart so epic and spectacular in both decibels reached and time lasted, it is truly triumphant.
I just had a triumphart. It was glorious!
#fart #triumph #phart #triumphart #toilet
by Triumpharter April 13, 2011
A large rounded poo, which rests at the bottom of the bowl. Often refuses to flush.
I fled the scene, and the poor fool who used the toilet next would have to sit on my submarine
#poo #toilet #number two #turd #fart
by Triumpharter May 09, 2011
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