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the name given to some1 hu is addicted to wanking. the person usually wanks more thna 5 times a day.
'hey dude i caught ben wanking at the open air pool AND the boys toilets'

'haha what a wank-a-tron'
by Trite June 11, 2008
meaning 1: a term meaning to have violent, aggressive sex.
meaning 2: a sarcastic expression to turn the geeks of life on. inviing them to have sex
example 1: 'tiger me baby'
'oh yer baby thatsa the stuff'
example 2: 'yo jj lahirise TIGER ME'
'ok kattttt'
'calm down i was joking!'
by Trite June 10, 2008
an insult said to pikeys (usually russian pikeys) slarg-un-slarg is thought of as a crap city were every1 kills an rapes each other an every1 is on drugs!.
"yo dick 'ed"
"shut up, go back to slarg-un-slarg you pikey"
by Trite June 10, 2008
the act of whipping someone with a fiddle whilst taking in a bath in mac donalds chips.
'hey man what did you an ur bitch do last night'
'i mc fiddled her didnt I'
'ahhhhh wickie wickie freestyle pal'
by Trite June 10, 2008

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