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The act of having drunken sex, condensed into one word. Usually reserved for the kind of drunken sex you will regret in the morning. (Possibly a term restricted to the East Coast.)
Ryan: "Kyle was TOTALLY wasted at that party last night!"
T-Rok: "He must have been, because he drunklaid the nastiest chick there."
by Trish the Dish November 24, 2004
A pair of prosthetic testicles for male dogs who have just been neutered; meant to prevent trauma/ anxiety of said male dog learning he no longer has any balls.
Tucker's neuticals are very well-proportioned to his body.
by Trish the Dish August 27, 2003
, n., Section of skin between the buttock and thigh.
Can I bite your schluge?
by Trish the Dish March 09, 2004
charecteristical name from one of the species commonly found in the nastiest bars, dressed "to kill" LITERALLY in her best of 80's motif accompanied with poofy hair hanging on anyone from 5-95 years old often used by drunk belligerant men to retain sperm in a bucket like way in their femalian genitalia hence referred to as cunt bucket.
Dude she's a whore BAD...she's like a cuntbucket, she's had more guys than christina aguilera!
by Trish the Dish March 11, 2004
the way certain bread basket locals say the word kool-aid...note the hyphen between the o and l rather than the l and a.
Bryan says i love grape koo-laid and trish say yeah well i love my orange kool-aid.
by Trish the Dish March 09, 2004
the easiest way to carry about a larger than one can or bottle of beer...cheap too
I am too broke to hit the club, I need a six pack.
by Trish the Dish March 11, 2004
1.teen-age cow
2.cow on rockos modern life
3. an exceptionally large, nasty beast of a person typically a girl.
i only date skinny chicks and darla is a heffer, no thanks.
by Trish the Dish March 09, 2004
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