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3 definitions by TrippedOutSkaterEmo

The thing that happens when a guy has a boner and thinks it's noticeable, but it's really not because his penis is too small and he can't come to terms with this fault.
girl: DO you EVER get boners!

boy: Oh I do, just you never look at the right times.

girl: that's cuz it's an imaginary boner

by TrippedOutSkaterEmo January 19, 2009
the three little dots people use in texts when they don't know what to say, are shocked or surprised, confused or just annoyed.
... THIs is an ellipsil
by TrippedOutSkaterEmo February 06, 2009
my wonderful, amazing, perfect boyfriend. He is everything I could ever want and everything I need.
I love you, You are the world to me.
by TrippedOutSkaterEmo January 24, 2009