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1. A small hole made in a pipe or bong which helps the smoker recieve a larger hit, in turn making them higher. As you take a hit on the pipe or bong, you keep your finger over the hole, but as you come to the end of your hit, you release your finger. This allows air to enter the chamber quickly through this hole, and allows a lot of smoke to exit quickly into your lungs.

2. When a person still has a hit in their lungs, and they blow it into someone elses mouth.

3. When someone turns a lit joint or blunt around 180 degrees so that the burning end is pointing towards their mouth. Then they carefully place that end into their mouth and have another person get close enough to take a hit from it. Now the person with the lit end in their mouth blows through the joint or blunt, into the other persons mouth, resulting in a very large hit.
1. "Hey, don't forget that there's a shot gun on that pipe, it gives you a huge hit."

2. "Because we only have a dime bag, everybody has to do shot guns to get the most out of it."

3. "That guy gives incredible shotguns, they mess you up like crazy."
by TripodG April 04, 2006

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