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4 definitions by Trip Levine

When your boning your old lady in the dark you leave the room to take a piss. your friend is waiting in the bathroom, he comes in your place and starts banging your old lady in the dark. in the process..your going outside to the window by the bed to knock. when she looks up and seees your face..she screams.
the other night me and Trip houdini fucked my old lady. and she absolutely loved every minute of it.
by Trip Levine January 26, 2007
a dank green tea smuggled from south america to new jersey. hot water is poured several times on loose tea, and drank through a straw called a bombilla. usually the cup is a gourd.

rituals include staying up for several nights, painting, and playing music, dismantling the town's light tower, spray painting, playing bluegrass, and smoking a blunt while drinking the tea behind sevies and thrift shops.
yo i'm all matted out, lets face climb your house kid!

-yerba mate
by Trip Levine January 26, 2007
when you get on your knees and let someone pour a space bag down your throat while two people beat you with sticks.
that whiskey douchin' piece of shit gave me the pirate passage!
by Trip Levine January 26, 2007
when that shnizzy mizzy got all sticky on your shit.
Rorie, that's a damn good joint .
by Trip Levine April 27, 2007