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newbie = someone new.

Noob = someone new + someone retarded.

n00bzeros, not o's] = someone new + someone retarded + someone trying to be 1337.

nub = someone old + someone retarded + someone trying to be 1337.

And of course, the tard...but that one is self explanitory.
newbie = "Hey guys, im new. What's up?"

Noob = "Sup guyz do you have Naruto so I can download kthx! Oh wait, this is a forum chat nvm okbye!!!1"

n00b = "I|\/| S0 L33T AR3NT 1!"

nub = "LOL REMEMBER ME? I used the nick DarkAngel666 but now I am older so ya !!!11!"
by Trio226 May 08, 2008

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