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Something that should be legal even if many people morally disagree with it. You can disagree with same-sex marriage and still respect that same-sex couples have the right to decide whether or not to marry for themselves. Also if you ban it then your sex determines who you can and cant marry (a woman can't marry a woman but a man can and vice versa), just like your race determined who you could marry before interracial marriage was legal. Also religion really shouldn't come into play here because of separation of church and state, and no churches cannot be forced to marry gay couples if gay marriage becomes legal (right now they can't be forced to marry interracial couples even though interracial marriage is illegal.)
Sean and Bob were a happy couple until Bob came down with pneumonia. Sean couldn't visit Bob in the hospital because they didn't have a gay marriage.
by Trinu October 20, 2006
Personal computer, contrary to popular belief pc refers u have for personal use, including macs, not just windows

I love my windows pc. Some people prefer mac pcs. Neither is really better than the other; it's just a matter of personal preference. (Yes I am aware of other PC OSs like linux)
by Trinu April 07, 2009
1. A person who fears or hates gays or homosexuality.
George Bush is a homophobe.
by Trinu October 13, 2006

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