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A city South/South-East of Houston, Texas. Largely known for the champion football team, the Oilers.
Students who graduated in 2010 are just about the only people who know where to buy above-average marijuana.
Site of an attempted bank-heist turned hostage situation that was ultimately diffused with no deaths.
Term "drillo" was coined here.
The city is massively boring so brings lots of money or at least an eighth to get through the day.
Person 1: Yo, there's a party in Pearland!
Person 2: Are you sure that's safe?
Person 3: You want to start actin' like a little bitch before you get there?
Person 1: Nigga is trippin', lets wait to buy weed before we get there.
Person 2: I don't know about this guys, what if we get in trouble?
Person 3: Person No. 1, where the fuck did you find this kid?
Person 1: Not Pearland.
by Trill OG October 14, 2011

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