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the more elegant and lively form of whatevs. its full of razzle dazzle and oozes supercoolness. its origin is in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has spread throughout the minds of the youth like an epidemic of great taste.
"That girl Devyn is so stubborn its not even funny."
"Whatevskis, at least she's not a total bitch."
"I don't know about that, I hear she lies a lot about the existence of words."
by Tricky Tractor January 20, 2010
rape cuddle. when you are forced to either cuddle, spoon, snuggle, cozy up, embrace, nestle, or nuzzle someone who you want to have nothing to do with. the most common form is date rupple, where you get dragged to a movie or something and your partner thinks cuddling is inevitable
It wasn't bad until we went to the movies and he put his arm around me. He had terrible BO. It was total rupple.
by tricky tractor October 02, 2010
a big point in your life that you can't help but smile about whenever you think of it. a smiley milestone!!!
"Dude that was hilarious. That will be a smilestone for sure."

"Remember when we snuck out and went skinnydipping?"
"Yeah, what a smilestone in our relationship."
by tricky tractor March 08, 2010
the irrational fear of salsa, either hot or cold, with ingredients such as cream cheese, velveeta, tomatoes, peppers, and queso. It also applies if you think you have a salsa monster living under your bed.
"Hey, do you want some chips and dip?"
"NO! I have a bad case of salsaphobia AND a salsa monster living under my bed. Get that away from me." (while running and/or screaming)
by tricky tractor February 07, 2010

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