18 definitions by Tricia

To put simply, marijuana.
"This is where they stay crunk, throw it up, dubs on the Cadillac
White tees, Nikes, gangstas dont know how to act
Adamsville, Bankhead, College Park, Carver Homes
Hummers floatin on chrome
Chokin' on that home grown."

- Ciara, "Oh"
by Tricia March 15, 2005
usually found near or at the lake.
"Who's that old lady wearing the Molson Ice hat?"
"Oh, that's just BCGreenDay's grandma."
by tricia January 25, 2004
boy + tears + anal fetish + scat fetish + hardcore cuntkicker
"hey, where's emoryan?"
"he's probably off somewhere crying about not having any butts to stick it in."
"ha, i hearrrd that, brother."
by tricia January 25, 2004
It's an old Battle term for Let's get ready to rumble.
"Let's being this outside, Gwap!"
by Tricia October 03, 2004
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