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1 definition by Tribal Council

A group consisting of the Chief, the Cap'N, the peasants, and etcetera, that would do anything for each other, at any time. Friends that have been together for a decade or a day, but are loyal, loving, honest, and fun-loving. The Tribe is made of people that you expect to grow old together with, and by sharing amazing experiences, these are people on whom you will collect all the best dirt on throughout your life.
Etcetera- "I can't wait to go to the tribe tonight...oh wait, I'm already there!"

Peasant-"Hold on, that doesn't make sense?"

Chief- "It shouldn't, because there is no sense, there's only dollars."

Cap'N- "It's OK, I wouldn't expect an impoverished peasent like yourself to even know what dollars are."
by Tribal Council May 12, 2011
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