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someone who is very very stingy, generally a mutual friend that has little respect from others.
"Jim went to the bar to get us drinks last night and I gave him 5 bucks and when he returned he asked me for the extra 10 cents.....what a cheap ass"
by Trez_City December 12, 2006
Is the act of someone ringing your mobile once quickly with caller ID with no intention of you picking it up, so that you will call them back. Generally becuase they are a cheap ass.

It originated from people with little credit on their mobile when they needed to make an important call, now it is misused for unimportant calls and many people wont return the pranking even from friends. It is frowned upon to do so and people who do it often generally end up with little respect.
John: "My girlfriend has been pranking me all night"
Tony: "Dude she is doing that to you way too often"
John: "no shit"
Tony: "what a cheap ass gold digger"
by Trez_City December 12, 2006
A group of females that hang around a certain male and are rarely seen out in their full group without the male present. More often than not they are all sleeping with this guy or have slept with him at some point.
Yo get Dave over here tonight and tell him to bring his posse of pussy around too
by Trez_City December 12, 2006
A term used to express that you don't really care.

Glenn "If you don't hurry up you will be late for work!"
Alex "I don't give a rats nigger"
by Trez_City February 03, 2009
noun: A Wanking Hankerchief

A shirt, sock, towel or any piece of material that is used to wank into. This material can be used several times before it is washed. It can be found under the beds of many males but can be carelessly left out.
I went to Josh's joint last night and went to borrow a shirt and accidently pulled out his wankey
by Trez_City December 12, 2006
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