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The act of shave your pubes off, putting them in a jar and ejaculating onto a womans face, then pouring your man fur on her, giving the appearence of a wolverine.
Tom says: Last night i jizzed so much she looked like a werewolf it stuck!! I a pro at wolverining 3 weeks of pubes.

Tommy: YUmmmm, id hit that.
by Treysuyb April 30, 2009
When one freezes shit, then later bangs girl before he jizzes he take poo and inserts into vagina/anus.
Trey: Sooooo whatd you do last night?????!!!
Alex: oh u kno the usual a good alaskan lumberjack session with Amie!
Amie: dick u were not to tell anyone about that!
by Treysuyb June 23, 2009
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