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a phrase you say once you've offended someone but you don't want to say sorry
Bro you smell like ass, I'm just saying
by Treysteroid of Youtube January 14, 2011
Trying to do something thats unachievable
Why do you keep trying to fix that car? Your milking a dead cow.
by Treysteroid Of Youtube October 23, 2010
Something you say to a noisy person in a movie. An alternative to telling them to shut the fuck up
Will you be quiet, please don't add your own soundtrack
by Treysteroid Of Youtube December 29, 2010
Commonly refered to when your texting someone and they use propper grammer for each sentence.
The Long Way Text: Hello Matt, I will be there at 1:00.
See you soon.
by Treysteroid Of Youtube October 24, 2010
Buying a meat-related food item from a street vender.
where did you get the burger?
I got it from the vender, its street meat.
by Treysteroid of Youtube November 28, 2010
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