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Pejorative of "Butane", the inflammible agent used in lighters. Coined by Hank Hill when someone so much as suggests that it has as much use as propane.
"BOBBY! Don't be playin' around with that Bastard Gas!"
by Trey4Life July 22, 2009
An adult video that Grandpa Lou Pickles once rented, along with two Reptar movies he rented for Tommy and Chuckie.

Nothing is known of its plot (or lack thereof, it being porn), but its premise can be inferred from its title and cover illustration: multiple nubile, green-skinned, purple-haired, humanoid alien women are lacking studly males of their own race, and need studly male humans to keep them company and satiate their carnal urges.

One of the finer examples of humor meant for the adults watching their kids' cartoons, in a time when parents were not nearly as anal and intrusive into their kids' interests as they are today. *cough* Parents Television Council *cough*
Grandpa Lou Pickles: "And my personal favorite, 'Lonely Space Vixens'! Heh-heh-heh! Now, that's for after you go to bed."

(Tommy and Chuckie stare blankly, the innuendo lost on them.)
by Trey4Life June 03, 2011
A 1985 song by the new wave band Baltimora, and their only real dancefloor-worthy song to this day.

A favorite of the Tourettes Guy.
No 80's playlist would be complete without Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy".
by Trey4Life December 07, 2009
1) American film director, producer, writer, composer, and sometimes actor, known for the Halloween and The Thing films.

2) Contestant on the US version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, who won the grand prize without having used any Lifelines (but using Phone-A-Friend only to have his father on the line to hear him win the million dollars). Who says a bespectacled bookworm-looking person can't be badass?
1) John Carpenter is one of the best horror filmmakers alive.

2) John Carpenter doesn't need any Lifelines to make WWTBAM his bitch!
by Trey4Life January 20, 2012
1) Commonly abbreviated "TBA" on tickets and the like, To Be Announced is a common occurrence in sports and concerts. It simply means that a contender or act has not yet been officially announced to appear at the venue by the powers-that-be.

Although similar, with a bit of overlap, this is not to be confused with "To Be Determined" (TBD). That one implies that such an announcement cannot be made at all until certain conditions are met.

2) Apparently, To Be Announced is also the name of a relatively obscure band.
The tickets for next week's Sixers game say To Be Announced, because the other team forfeited. I guess we'll wait and see who it is.
by Trey4Life June 27, 2012
A series of uncontrollable physical tics, in this respect brought on by the sensation of incredible pleasure via sight, smell, hearing, taste, or touch.
We were watching the game, and this Krispy Kreme commercial came up, and when I saw the Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled Doughnuts, I went into a euphoria seizure.
by Trey4Life June 01, 2009
A hypothetical annual holiday, to be held every August 22, whereby all males of respectable girth are encouraged to go outside, whip out their dicks, and smack people with them, all with no legal repercussions.

This holiday was first conceptualized by YouTube user TheAmazingAtheist in 2008, in his video titled "JUST ABOUT SICK 7". Granted, it was on the fly, and he never once talked about it since, but it would nonetheless be a nice change from all the usual boring and predictable annual holidays.
"Oh look! August 22 is, fucking, Smack People With Your Dick Day! That was clever!" --TheAmazingAtheist
by Trey4Life April 06, 2011

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