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A person who is surprisingly skilled or lucky with getting laid, despite misleading appearances.
That nerd with the highwaters is a total poonshark!
by Trey el Jefe April 18, 2008
A person, sometimes athletic, who is promiscuously sexual.
Derived from the term "quarterback."
Five girls in one week? Homeboy is an all-star cooterback!
by Trey el Jefe April 18, 2008
a horrible demeanor and outlook on everything
She's the first hot girl I know without a shittitude!
by Trey el Jefe June 21, 2008
A person with an exaggerated love for soccer. Especially used to define tree huggers.
He's a tree hugger and a grass fag.
by Trey el Jefe April 18, 2008
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