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A flatulation that is audible only from within the body (intestine). It is a fart with somewhat of a muffled sound; it is similar to the sound of farting into a peice of pvc.
Verb: I just grawliffed in my pants.
Noun: I had a grawliff on your mother's head.
Adj: That sounded grawliffy.
by Trey Cook February 28, 2007
The space between a man's thigh and his scrotum. This area usually becomes sweaty and extremely unpleasant to one's sense of smell. The only solution for a dirty, nasty lobe is powder, to dry to sweat up. The result, a "cathead buscuit."
Wow, honey, my lobes are pretty ripe tonight.
by Trey Cook February 28, 2007
A person that seems to be very attractive from a great distance, but when viewed at a close up or normal distance, the person is extremely ugly. Common occurences of one being is a scud could be caused by a messed up grill (teeth); the appearance of facial hair, a new view from the side and/or back, or simply a mullet.
Check out that beautiful girl...Oh Wait! It's a scud! Run!
by Trey Cook February 28, 2007

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