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Main Entry: ness
Pronunciation: duh'nes'skE
Function: noun, verb, adjective
Etymology: Southern Dialect, from the addition of the suffix -ski to the word "done."

1. to be brought to a finish or end, usually in rapid secession.
2. the state or aura of being done.
1. Not even 9 minutes had passed with her, and Will was totally doneski.

2. After drinking a case of beer, Colin was doneski for the night.
by Trevor Dub May 26, 2007
Main Entry: bux·cel·lence
Pronunciation: bucks-suh-lents
Function: noun, adj
1 : the quality of exuding the true nature of Buxton employees
2 : an buxcellent or valuable quality : VIRTUE
1. Today, Jeff, showed his Buxcellence by making sure that everyone around him was doing OK.

2. Instead of letting a stray fork fall to the ground, Colt made sure to place the soiled object back in the dishwasher, proving his Buxcellence.
by Trevor Dub October 04, 2007

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