3 definitions by Trevor Bayard

The substance used by females to trick males into being a pussy or doing something they would not do under regular circumstances
"Yo, where were you? You said you'd meet us at the bar"
"Yeah well I...."
"Face it dude, she corrupted you with a dose of estrotoxin."
by Trevor Bayard June 08, 2007
A piece of man candy (by mexican standards)
"Yo chica look at that piece of mexicandy"
"We should help push him in that wheel barrow with all the other senioritas."
by Trevor Bayard June 07, 2007
To consume hard liquor at the rate in which an average person would consume lite beer.
"Holy shit! Bear just Drank that 40oz and I'm only on my 5th Coors light. He drank that Crown Royal at litespeed."

"I guess he's just chill'n what he's doin'."
by Trevor Bayard March 15, 2007

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