62 definitions by Trevor

a strange slang word which means the same thing as yes, yep, yepper yes sir, and so on
that show was cool yesterday eh?
yeperdoodlez it was
by Trevor May 29, 2004
a pot heads favorite word
by trevor March 09, 2003
a funny way of saying idiot
look what you've done you stupid mumparra
by trevor September 28, 2004
MSN shorthand for Estimated time of completion
"I'm working on site"
"20 minutes"
by Trevor April 25, 2004
To have sexual intercourse with someone.
"I garfunkled your mother last night"
by Trevor May 10, 2003
another way to say WHAT!!! in a u gotta be joking kind of tone
"Dude i just got 10g's"..."GUT THE SKILL!!!!"
by Trevor June 18, 2006
animal, vegetable or mineral with large, yellow, lemon shaped protruberances growing randomly over the surface.
The duke of Hebdon Bridge exchanged Potassium bauxite for nose weevils afflicted by goldenecitrone.
by trevor June 12, 2003

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