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a girl that you would rail (fuck ruthlessly)
damn that girl is a wood rail
by trevor March 09, 2003
An abbreviation of "Sweet Jesus". May be used on various occassions.
"Swejus!! That was a LOUDASS slam!!"
by Trevor October 19, 2003
The quality or condition of being classmates.
"You have very good classmatemanship."
by Trevor December 11, 2004
When you get laid off from your job, they give you a box to put all your stuff in. At my last job, these boxes happened to be white in color. We would also attribute the white box to a planned day of lay offs. Ex. "White Box Wednesday" was a day when a bunch of people were laid off.
I can't believe John was White Boxed yesterday, this job will suck without him around.
by Trevor April 27, 2004
A girl that you would love to bang and screw but hasn't been with many guys.
Damn! That girl is primemeat!
by Trevor November 04, 2003
A girl at my school that tried to buy pot but bought gorund up basil instead, she also slept with a kid named justin king
Did u hear about basilhead?
Oh the one that smokes basil!!!
by Trevor February 06, 2005
a strange slang word which means the same thing as yes, yep, yepper yes sir, and so on
that show was cool yesterday eh?
yeperdoodlez it was
by Trevor May 29, 2004
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