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62 definitions by Trevor

Battlefield Earth (John Travolta)
Gigli (Bennifer)
Waterworld (Kevin Costner)
The Island Of Doctor Mauro (Val Kilmer)
The Beach (Leo DiCaprio)
Glitter (Mariah Carey)
Dude, Where's My Car (Ashton Kutcher)
The Pest (John Leguizamo)
Also any movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme (except Timecop)
by Trevor June 27, 2004
someone that is only around or talks to you when they need money and then dont pay back; or when you have something they dont have
kyle has a rent-a-freind
by trevor March 03, 2004
Mother-F*ckining Ugly
"She's Mo'ugly!"
by Trevor November 07, 2003
The result of millions of years of evolution. Originally used by cave men to signal it was time to rest.
Man Amber, your yawn was contagious...I too am tired.
by Trevor May 10, 2004
King of the Universe, coolest guy around. No one even compares.
Daiden is cool.
by Trevor July 10, 2003
when the penis of one man is inserted into the anus of another man and then moved in and out with great force and speed so as to create a stimulus for both men

see also:
anal crusader
Keith always talks about his boonjacking days in Germany.
by Trevor April 18, 2005
one who has all the qualities of a dumbass and will defend his convictions, even when proven wrong by others
JC, you are a fuckstick and a shrimp fucker.
by Trevor April 01, 2004