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The name the Cinncinati Bengals reciever Chad Johnson calls himself. The name means eight being ocho and five being cinco in spanish. The name first appeared on the NFL network in a commercial where a device is looking for Chad Johnson and there's a dude in the backround saying "Where you at 85?" and in the end u hear Ocho Cinco. His jersey number is 85 leading him to tag himself the nickname.
Chad Johnson to reporters: Don't be calling me Chad Johnson. Cause my new name is Ocho Cinco, and if u do call me Chad Johnson your gonna get fined by your stations.
by Trevis Smith November 03, 2006
The ultimate burn to anyone who says any number. This great burn may seem to be beaten by the number 0 but if any sly character tries to pull that one on you , just say "Pussies you've tocuhed."
Example 1:
Jaret: Yo Pat how old are you?
Pat: 18
Pat: Fuck I always fall for that lame joke.

Example 2:
Jaret: Pat what's the biggest number you can think of?
Pat: Zero
Jaret: Pussies you've touched, Fuck Pat your so dumb.
by Trevis Smith June 14, 2006

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